Hard to Earn - MFM&Friends, Snowboarding DVD

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Xtreme Video

“YOOOoooooooo !!! So here it is, our very own MFM & Friends movie ! Our style, our terms, whatever we want, hope you like it ! This is our crew and these are the things we do! Enjoy !”- MFM, professional snowboarder.

That’s right, MFM Inc. and F.O.D.T have joined forces to collab on this year’s highly anticipated movie, “Hard To Earn”. The title says it all; feel the emotions of passion, dedication and the pain our riders went through this season to make it happen and to keep the dream alive. Experience a level of professional cinematography mixed with the skills and style of such riders as MFM, Lucas Magoon, Travis Kennedy, Dylan Thompson, Derek Dennison, Chris Bradshaw, Johnny Paxson, Jake Devine, Jeremy “Worm” Grendahl, Jonah Owen, Cory Cronk and many Friends.- Cole Taylor, F.O.D.T. Producer/Filmer.


Producer: F.O.D.T/ MFM
Country: USA
Year: 2009
Format: NTSC
Languages: English
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