Powerex Mast SDM WAVE 60 370 cm constant curve

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Der Wave Mast ist mit einem Carbonanteil von 60% gefertigt und ist der perfekte Wave/Freestyle oder Freeride Mast mit herkömmlichen Durchmesser. Also egal was ihr vorhabt auf diesen Mast könnt ihr euch verlassen. Length MCS IMCS KGS 370 27 17 1.8 Lieferumfang: Mast mit Mastbag Gewichtsangaben können um 10% abweichen 60% Carbon. We've all seen it – big, onshore and ugly with people washing up in the shorebreak like seaweed. Those days are made for the Wave 60. It's a state-of-the-art-durable, full-diameter high-carbon mast that is surprisingly light and responsive, with a nails-tough polymer coating for less friction into the mast sleeve, better abrasion resistance and unmatched UV protection. BEND CURVE DEFLECTION VALUES - BEND CURVE INFORMATIONS Our commitment is to deliver the best possible products, but we are aware that every single sail has specific requirements. All our HQ 40 masts and WIND-PREG™ have a classic 64 - 76 (1% tolerance) constant curve construction that perfectly suits 80% of the sails on the market. In detail, all our masts fit most of the following brands: Aerotech Bull Sails Challenger Sails Ezzy Sails F2 Sails Gaastra Sails Goya Sails Gun Sails Ka Sails Loft Sails Maui Sails Naish Sails Neilpryde North Sails Point-7 RRD Sail Loft Sailworks Simmer Style
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