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Powerex Mast RDM WP-100 400 cm constant curve

The WP (Wind-preg®) 100 is our top of the range reduced diameter mast. Lighter and stronger than any other product on the market, this World Class model has been designed especially for elite riders. With the WP100, Powerex sets THE standard other mast brands aim to. This is probably the best RDM mast in the world. The Nano-core technology, thanks to its special helix design, ensures maximum performance and 100% reliability on the water. The maximum reflex ratio is obtained using the Wind-preg® Technology. FEATURES: Wind-preg® Carbon Technology Nano-core 64-76 true constant curve Deluxe Soft Mast Bag MODEL CARBON IMCS MCS KG DESIGNED FOR MAST BAG WP100 rdm 370 100 17 27 1,35 PRO all condition YES WP100 rdm 400 100 19 26 1,50 PRO all condition YES WP100 rdm 430 100 21 25 1,70 PRO all condition YES WP100 rdm 460 100 25 25 1,95 PRO all condition YES Lieferumfang: Mast mit Mastbag Gewichtsangaben können um 10% abweichen
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