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Powerex Mast RDM HQ-40 400 cm constant curve

HQ means High Quality. When we built this mast we had the intention to offer a competitive product maintaining the latest carbon pre-preg technology at a very affordable price. The HQ40 is indicated for windsurfing schools, rentals and beginners. FEATURES: Pre-preg Carbon Technology 64-76 true constant curve Deluxe Soft Mast Bag MODEL CARBON IMCS MCS KG DESIGNED FOR MAST BAG HQ40 rdm 370 40 17 27 1,80 Freeride YES HQ40 rdm 400 40 19 26 2,00 Freeride YES HQ40 rdm 430 40 21 25 2,30 Freeride YES Lieferumfang: Mast mit Mastbag Gewichtsangaben können um 10% abweichen
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