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K-One 2017/18 - MFC Fin

MFC and Kevin Pritchard, wave world champion, developed this new fin concept also in G-10 construction. The straight outline allows for very early planing and radical upwind ability, but the fin is incredibly maneuverable due to its narrow outline cord. The profile is the fastest, generated by our SL model and adapted to this wave model.
Ideal for allround wave conditions can be use also for freewave conditions.

Sizes: US-Box 21-27cm, Powerbox 21-27cm

More Details:

  • Maui Fin Company Wave Fin
  • Small sizes for Wave
  • Bigger sizes for Freewave
  • Serialfin for RRD, Naish, Quatro, Goya, Startboard and more
  • Since 1986, Maui-Developed and -Tested!

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EUR 89,00 instead SRP EUR 119,00
You save: 25,21%
EUR 119,00 instead SRP EUR 149,00
You save: 20,13%