Quad CENTER Fins Victor Fernandez - MFC Fins SET (L&R) G10

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Victor Fernandez: "The last few years, working with MFC, Pio Marasco and Kai Hopf have helped me find my perfect Quad SetUp for my onshore and my side-shore boards. I use the same fins in Pozo Izquierdo and Hookipa. The straighter & thicker profile from the back fins give me the speed I need for the turns, and the smaller side fins make a great combination of speed and flow. — Víctor Fernández, E42."

Sizes: 14, 14,5, 15, 16cm Center and 9, 9,5cm Side
Boxes: US/US, US/Minituttle, Slot/Slot

CENTER-FINS - Set of 2 Fins!

New Profil, new Graphics, new Material - superlight, strong.
More Details: www.mauifin.com

Serialfins for RRD, Naish, Quatro, Goya, Startboard, NoveNove and more.
Since 1986, Maui-Developed and -Tested!

  • Maui Fin Company Wave Fins
  • Centerfinset for Quad (2 Fins)
  • Sidefins available separate
  • Serialfin for RRD, Naish, Quatro, Goya, Startboard and more
  • Since 1986, Maui-Developed and -Tested!
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